About GEP

Welcome to GEP, the first independent label for progressive rock.

When progressive rock legends IQ began work on their first ‘post-major’ album in 1992 it was clear that pretty much all the major record labels had lost interest in the progressive rock genre. In response a team of devoted musicians, businessmen and technicians took matters into their own hands and founded GEP, the first truly independent label for progressive rock.

Originally planned as a vehicle for IQ´s album ‘Ever’, GEP was quick to gain a reputation as a label that was loyal to the prog rock genre, as well as providing multiple skills in recording, promotion and distribution. As a result they soon found other artists knocking at their doors:

  •     Well known names Spock´s Beard and Threshold began their careers under the wings of GEP.
  •     Classic performers such as John Wetton and Renaissance have released albums on the GEP label.
  •     Newcomers Jadis and Steve Thorne have both had successful releases with GEP.
  •     …and of course the different branches of the extended IQ family - The Lens, Martin Orford and Niadem´s Ghost – have all found success with GEP.

GEP were the first to establish the concept of a dedicated label formed by people that value the ‘long term relationship with artists’ over a quick profit. Now of course artists such as Marillion and Radiohead have followed this idea of keeping control of their music rather than being at the mercy of the administrators of a big, impersonal label.

Dedication, loyalty and transparency are still the keywords for the service we provide.

We like the business.

But we love the music.


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