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Big Big Train – How they gathered speed.

Founded in 1990 by Greg Spawton and Andy Poole, Big Big Train have established themselves as one of the most enduring and creative progressive rock bands. Despite many changes in the line-up, their musical output has remained extremely constant over the last two decades, convincing both critics and audience.

Their debut 'Goodbye to the Age of Steam', released by GEP in 1994, was regarded as one of the best recordings of that year by the progressive rock fandom. The follow-up 'English Boy Wonders' (1997) underlined the musical skills of the band that started touring at this point as well. For 'Gathering Speed' (2004) Sean Filkins replaced Tony Müller on lead vocals. With this album, Big Big Train created their first concept album about a British pilot in the year 1940 which added influences of post-rock to their musical horizon.

For the next recording, their long time engineer and sound friend Rob Aubrey introduced the band to Pete Trewavas (Marillion), Nick D’Virigilio (Spock´s Beard, Genesis) and Dave Meros (Spock´s Beard). All three of them were featured on 'The Difference Machine' (2007). The collaboration with Nick D´Virgilio was so successful that he replaced Steve Hughes as the drummer in Big Big Train. During the production of the band’s seminal album 'The Underfall Yard' in 2009, David Longdon replaced Sean Filkins on vocals. Both musicians had been working with Genesis after Phil Collins left – Longdon was about to take over the vocalist´s part in the legendary band, but in the end Ray Wilson was preferred for the swan song album 'Calling all stations'.

With Dave Gregory (formerly of XTC) joining a strong and steady line-up, Big Big Train proved their power on 'Far Skies, Deep Time' (2010) the EP companion to 'The Underfall Yard' (2010) and started working on their most ambitious work so far. 'English Electric, Part One' is published in September 2012, the second part will be released in spring 2013. For those albums Big Big Train have teamed up again with their old label, GEP and keyboard player Danny Manners has now completed the band's new line-up.

And there is even more to come: in 2014 Big Big Train have scheduled the release of 'Station Masters', a triple CD-set that will include a host of new recordings featuring the current line up.


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