Niadem's Ghost

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It was a shock to the british progressive rock scene when Peter Nicholls decided, in the summer of '85, to leave IQ after just three years, the band he'd recorded two stunnning albums with.

But it didn´t take Nicholls long to find another musical home. The second half of that year was spent with the newly formed Niadem's Ghost, writing songs and performing their first concerts in Manchester and London's notorious Marquee Club.

Not exactly progressive rock, strongly influenced by New Wave music, Niadem's Ghost built up a strong following right from the start. Their first album 'In Sheltered Winds' showed great potential. Nicholl's intense voice and the driving drums of Brain Grantham (from punk band Slaughter And The Dogs) proved a perfect fit  and soon Niadem's Ghost were voted 18th best band by the readers of Sounds magazine.

Attendances were increasing at the live shows, and the album was selling well in the UK, Germany, Benelux and the US, but despite this the band split after the release of the cassette album Thirst in 1987.

Not just for fans of IQ, the reissue of both releases on one CD in 1992 was a perfect opportunity to acquire the complete work of a band that stood for the urban spirit of mid-eighties british independent bands.


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