Rain comprises Andy Edwards (drums), Rob Groucutt (keyboards and vocals), John JowittRain comprises Andy Edwards (drums), Rob Groucutt (keyboards and vocals), John Jowitt (bass) and Mirron Webb (guitars and vocals).

John Jowitt is best known for his work with IQ, with whom he recorded five studio albums (Ever, Subterranea, The Seventh House, Dark Matter and Frequency). He also played with Arena (including The Visitor), Frost*, Ark and Jadis, as well as playing bass live for John Wetton, Uriah Heep and John Young, amongst others.

John and Andy Edwards are together known as the rhythm section behind Frequency by IQ and Milliontown and Experiments in Mass Appeal by Frost*, and currently play together with Quill (featuring Bev Bevan of ELO and The Move).

Andy has also played with Robert Plant, bassist Steve Lawson and Magenta, with whom he released the album ‘The Twenty Seven Club’.

Keeping up the ELO connection, Rob is son of Kelly Groucutt, bass player with ELO. He’s a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, previously with Groucutt & Haynes and River City Portrait.

Mirron Webb is an exceptional young talent; a stunning guitarist who swaps lead vocal duties with Rob. Mirron also plays with Hey Jester, who released their first, self titled albumin 2019.

Whilst the band was formed in April 2020, the initial idea came together when John was asked to join Andy in Quill in mid-2019; ideas were put down as part of an idea to write a progressive album together with Rob Groucutt and both Bev Bevan and singer Joy Strachan-Brain from Quill under the name Reign. Whilst this didn’t come to fruition, initial ideas recorded by Andy and John with Rob formed the basis of some of the songs on the renamed Rain’s first album ‘Singularity’; Andy had long wanted to work with Mirron, having helped promote Hey Jester, and Singularity includes some of the best work the four have ever done.

Recorded individually over the summer of 2020 during the lockdown, and put together by Andy at his home studio, the four members did not meet in person until after the album was recorded. Fortunately they looked like their photos, and are still together…

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