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Not wishing to get too Trekkie but: it's the episode “Mirror, Mirror” where Spock can be seen with a beard, and that's where brother's Neal and Alan Morse got the name...

That was 1992 - they started to gig with the addition of drummer Nick d'Virgilio. Extended epic sounds with a genuine pop sensibility soon earned them a huge following and now, 18 years later, they are one of the, if not THE most influential progressive rock band from the US.

GEP helped to develop their career from the start, licensing the outstanding debut The Light and releasing Beware of the Darkness and The Kindness of Strangers.

Things went well for Spock's Beard and gigging became a regular thing in the USA and Europe.

The next albums Day for Night and V (released on Inside Out) contain some of the finest moments of progressive rock music of the 1990's. Soon after those releases, Neal Morse left to start his successful solo career.

The band continued with Nick taking over the microphone and he was later honoured to record Calling all Stations with prog rock superheroes Genesis.


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