Rain - Vinyl

Friday, 19 March 2021.

Rain - Vinyl

Following the fantastic response to the stunning debut album from Rain, GEP are happy to announce that SINGULARITY is now available on vinyl from the GEP shop.

The album comes in a double 12” vinyl gatefold sleeve in a beautiful purple splatter design.

Price: £22 available from the GEP online shop, shipping from Monday 22nd March



'Sia’ On Vinyl

Wednesday, 16 December 2020.

'Sia’ On Vinyl

The stunning new record from Solstice, now available on vinyl.

'Sia' comes as a double 12" translucent vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with lyric sheet.

Side 1 - Shout
Side 2 - Live is Coming, Long Gone
Side 3 - Stand Up, Seven Dreams
Side 4 - A New Day, Cheyenne 2020

BUY NOW from the GEP online store.



Solstice ‘Sia’ Out Now

Monday, 23 November 2020.

Solstice ‘Sia’ Out Now

GEP are delighted to announce the new album from Solstice ‘Sia’ (pronounced ‘She-er’, Scotts Gaelic for ‘Six’).GEP are delighted to announce the new album from Solstice ‘Sia’ (pronounced ‘She-er’, Scotts Gaelic for ‘Six’).

GEP’s Mike Holmes: “I was so pleased when Andy agreed to work with us – it feels right to be working with them again nearly 40 years down the line. One of IQ’s first support slots at the old Marquee in Wardour Street was with Solstice and they were always such a friendly and supportive bunch, I’m really glad we can help get the new music out there with them. I’ve been listening to the work-in-progress songs from the new album and I really think it’s some of the best stuff they’ve ever written, and new vocalist Jess is just perfect for them”.

Solstice main man Andy Glass: “We are so excited to be joining the GEP family of artists. It feels like finally re-joining close friends whose long journeys began in the same place but led down different tracks. Apart from being the natural home for Solstice, GEP have an incredible team committed to bringing great music to the world’s finest audience and we can’t wait to work with them on the new album!  So, a huge thank you to Mike Holmes and all at GEP for having faith and signing Solstice. We're literally buzzing about this music, recorded with our amazing new vocalist Jess Holland, and truly believe fans of prog and beyond will agree it's our best work to date!

‘Sia’ released today GEP 23rd November

Love Is Coming
Long Gone
Stand Up
Seven Dreams
A New Day
Cheyenne 2020

Rain – Singularity Out Now

Monday, 23 November 2020.

Rain – Singularity Out Now

‘Singularity’, the stunning debut album from Rain featuring John Jowitt and Andy‘Singularity’, the stunning debut album from Rain featuring John Jowitt and AndyEdwards (ex IQ and Frost) is released on CD today with GEP.

The complete Rain line-up is: Rob Groucutt - Vocals, Keys, Guitar; Andy Edwards –Drums; John Jowitt – Vocals, Bass; Mirron – Vocals, Guitar.

John Jowitt: “It’s been about ten years since I played with Andy, in both IQ and Frost- it’s a really instinctual rhythm section. With Rain, Andy has had the chance to showwhat an all-round musician he is. Rob and Mirron are both amazing musicians,songwriters and singers, and it’s just a great combination. I’m really pleased thatour old friends at GEP have shown faith in the band - it’s one of those albums that Iwould have bought if I’d not been on it. It’s prog, Jim, but not as we know it.”.

Andy Edwards:Rain isn't a project, it's a band and we want to make more and moremusic. This is the dream team as far as I am concerned - everyone is very talented butin different areas and so the whole is greater than the parts. This album has been oneof the easiest albums I have ever made, everyone loves what everyone else does, it'sbeen a joy having all these ideas come in!

Track listing:

1 Devils Will Reign
2 Dandelion
3 Walk Away
4 The Magician
5 Singularity

IQ - Frequency on vinyl

Thursday, 08 October 2020.

IQ - Frequency on vinyl

We are now taking orders for the upcoming vinyl release of Frequency.

It will be available in double Blue Splatter or Red with 4 page booklet.
Side 1:
Life Support
Side 2:
Stronger Than Friction
One Fatal Mistake
Side 3:
Ryker Skies
Side 4:
The Province
Already Gone

Pre-order now!


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