Civilisation On Vinyl

Sunday, 03 February 2019.

Civilisation On Vinyl

Following the fantastic response to Southern Empire’s Civilisation this year which received ‘Best Album of 2018’ in many polls, we at GEP are happy to announce the release of Civilisation on vinyl.

This is going to be a beautiful product: gatefold sleeve with double translucent blue vinyl in black poly-lined inner sleeves.

Strictly limited to 500 copies, the pre-sales are available from the GEP online shop HERE – shipping as soon as stock arrives.

‘t’ signs to GEP

Friday, 18 January 2019.

‘t’ signs to GEP

GEP are really happy to be working with t (aka Thomas Thielen) on his new album ‘Solipsystemology'

‘The best movie you’ll hear this year!’ - Rolling Stone.
‘The mastermind of avant-garde pop’ - Musikexpress.

Described by Germany’s ‘Eclipsed’ magazine as ‘One of the 10 most important musicians of recent years’, multi-instrumentalist t is, for the first time ever, taking to the road to present his latest album ‘Solipsystemology’, including an appearance at the prestigious Night of the Prog festival in Lorelei. The live band includes guitarist Jan Steiger, drummer Thomas Nußbaum, bassist Yenz Strutz and keyboard player Dominik Hüttermann.

Thomas Thielen: “’Solipsystemology’ is the third layer to the fractal narration that started with (first album) ‘Fragmentropy’ where a postmodern Pygmalion fails to write his dream into life. Second album ‘Epistrophobia’ asks why this writing failed. Now ‘Solipsystemology’ explores the motives that made him write - and its’ consequences. It’s a breath-taking puzzle full of clues to follow: in the music, the lyrics, the artwork, and even the acoustics at play.”

Solipsystemology’ – is due for release late March 2019.

't' tour dates confirmed so far:
• March 22, Zentrum Altenberg, Oberhausen
• April 4, Das Rind, Rüsselsheim
• July 20, Night of the Prog Festival, Loreley
• August 30, Droehnschuppen, Gladbeck
• September 26, Meisenfrei, Bremen
• September 28, Bergkeller, Reichenbach
• October 4, Die Wabe, Berlin
• November 9, Parkvilla, Alphen
• November 22, Chez Heinz, Hannover
• November 23, Tuchfabrik, Trier


United Progressive Fraternity sign to GEP

Monday, 29 October 2018.

United Progressive Fraternity sign to GEP

New album early 2019

GEP are really pleased to announce we’ll be working with United Progressive Fraternity (UPF) to release their next venture ‘Planetary Overload’.

Fronted by Mark Trueack (Unitopia) and Steve Unruh (Resistor), UPF is a global collective of international artists, musicians, arrangers and producers who are ‘passionately committed to empowering change in the world by leading an artistic & musical movement dedicated to sustainable environmental practices’.

Mark Trueack: “Our planet is not happy in so many ways; our climate is constantly changing, religious intolerance leads to conflict, bloodshed, and outright war in an already unstable social system. If projects like ours can make a difference and if we can involve our friends and other lovers of music then we will have a better world.”

‘Planetary Overload: Loss’ is the first release of a two part project. This first part features a host of artists and guest appearances including Steve Hackett, Jerry Marotta, Nick Magnus, Hasse Fröberg, Michel St-Père and many others, plus new artwork by Ed Unitsky and a bonus CD of ‘surreal mixes’ by Chris Lebled.

The album is also endorsed by an impressive list of scientists and corporations including: Dr. James E. Hansen (Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions Program, Columbia University); Dr. Cary Fowler (Founder of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault & Senior Advisor, the Crop Trust); Willy Kwong (Executive Director of The Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong & Plastic Oceans Limited Hong Kong – Sir David Attenborough interview); Claire Luby and Jack Kloppenburg (Open Source Seed Initiative); Silver Donald Cameron (The Green Interview).

Dr. James E. Hansen (Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions Program, Columbia University) – guest narrator: “UPF brings a much needed message to the people of the world… I stand wholeheartedly by their commitment to raise the awareness of as many people as possible to take corrective action and innovate fastidious planning to mitigate the runaway effects of Climate Change”.

Steve Hackett – acoustic guitars: “The idea of loss and hope is vital as a driving force behind this CD. Whilst there is so much carnage and violence in today’s world, awareness is growing at a fast rate and indeed hope is reflected by all our sentiments and actions. Music can lead the way, with a message of love over hatred and the need to care for both the planet and all its’ inhabitants. I am proud to be a part of this project”.

For interviews and more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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