New Steve Thorne CD

published on: Sunday, 18 March 2012.

New Steve Thorne CD

Welcome to ‘Crimes And Reasons’, the long-awaited fourth album by multi-instrumentalist and multi-genius Steve Thorne.

Following his two-album opus ‘Emotional Creatures Pt. 1 and Pt.2’ and 2009´s critically acclaimed ‘Into the Ether’, Thorne presents a collection of ten musical gems that again defy the usual categorization.

If ‘Crimes And Reasons’ were a picture, it would probably be a wide and solid bridge between two shores - a very traditional English landscape, all hedges and green fields on one side, a vibrating, challenging and somewhat puzzling city on the other. Thorne, who cites artists from Bowie to Genesis to Cockney Rebel as influences, is a master of moods and atmospheres. On ‘Crimes and Reasons’ you´ll find melancholic, intimate gems alongside songs that roar with anger.

A progressive rock artist that is not afraid to shout “Fuck” if the song demands it: “I guess the lyrics are the most important thing”, says Steve. “Sometimes they are written incredibly quickly and almost appear before my eyes.” But the end product is far more than a series of brief sketches – they’re courageous statements of a modern man in a changing society. “Some of it can come over a little bitter and twisted” admits the singer.

No out-dated metaphors. Steve Thorne is clearly a man of our times and aware of real life challenges. That might be the reason why ‘Crimes and Reasons’ even more than it´s predecessors is pushing the boundaries of progressive rock. Those that had never heard of the ‘P’ word would probably place Thorne as a singer/songwriter – but with a twist.

Melancholic, but not dull. Accessible, but not easy going. Different, but not just for the sake of being different – Steve Thorne´s “Crimes And Reasons” is an album that will enlighten this year´s spring for the mature progressive rock listener (and his wife as well).

And a little help from his friends! While Thorne sings all compositions, and plays the majority of instruments, he has again managed to put together an impressive list of guest musicians who were happy to help out on ‘Crimes and Reasons’. You´ll find Tony Levin´s (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson) precise bass playing and Nick D´Virgilio´s (Genesis, Spock´s Beard) superlative drumming, as well as contributions from Martin Orford (ex-IQ) on flute, Gary Chandler (Jadis) on guitar and last but not least the smooth grooves of Bob White.

As always, “Crimes and Reasons” was mixed by engineer and long time collaborator Rob Aubrey (IQ, Spock´s Beard, Pulse).



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