Special Providence - WILL

published on: Tuesday, 27 June 2017.

Special Providence - WILL

GEP are excited to announce that Special Providence have been busy in the studio with their follow up album to Essence of Change. The new album 'WILL' is their second outing with GEP.

Adam Marco : "We're currently recording the new album 'WILL' for a 23rd October release on GEP with ten new unadulterated, matured SP songs.
We're using quite an unusual process - leaving the drum recordings until the end of our time in the studio. This way the music can be served better and it gives me more perspective and freedom to find the best flow for the songs."

"We really set the bar high with the material on 'WILL', and it's gonna be the most progressive and heavy stuff we've ever done"

Watch this space for more information.


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