The Lens - Regeneration

published on: Tuesday, 19 October 2010.

The Lens - Regeneration

It's an album without words, but tells it's own story. It's a journey deep into the heart of music, where melody and sound are as pure as they can be: Simple and outrageous, surprising and echoing alike.

‘Regeneration’ by The Lens knows no boundaries, the eight songs ranging from ambient trance, through pumping rock, to all out prog, and reflect the wide musical knowledge, skills (and taste) of Michael Holmes, the mastermind of this unique project.

Although Holmes did write all the material it would be too simple to describe it as a solo album by the respected and venerated guitarist of IQ.

It's a sequel to a prequel...

Formed in 1977, a time when musical genres weren't so narrowly defined, The Lens absorbed inspiration from british progressive rock, german electronic music and american disco, creating an ‘inimitable event’ of sound. GEP would eventually release the debut album ‘A word in your eye’ 20 years after the band transformed into IQ, the UK's leading progressive rock band.

Using the past as a path to a playground of full artistic freedom, Holmes resurrected the original idea of The Lens as a loose band of talented musicians and recorded the album together with veteran Lens drummer Niall Hayden and IQ-companion Paul Cook on drums, supported by saxophonist Tony Wright.

Intelligent music for an open minded audience - it is not a progressive rock album and it´s not an ambient album, it´s not post rock and it´s not dance. It´s a smart combination of all those genres that may well be fused together here for the first time. Whatever, it´s a ‘regeneration’ of a fantastic project.

Tracklist ‘Regeneration’

  • Choosing a farmer, part IV
  • the power of 5
  • Twenty eight
  • Dreams
  • Sequential
  • Full of stars
  • A little robot juice
  • Slowdown



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