Want to work with us?

Are you looking for a recording or licensing deal for your music? Here at GEP we're always looking for interesting new and established artists - if you think you'd fit in with the GEP catalogue and you'd like to work with us, take a look at what we'd like to receive from you.

What we’re looking for from Artists

It's best to send us links to downloadable files or attachments (if they're not too large) rather than physical product - that way we can make sure all the GEP Directors get to see and hear your stuff. Include things like:

  • Any recent or new songs you're working on
  • Photos
  • Links to your website and any YouTube/Vimeo videos
  • An updated biography
  • Info on your current line up
  • News of any live dates you have coming up
...and of course let us know what you're looking for from us.

What GEP can do for you

  • Flexibility of deals depending on what suits the product best
  • Product placement in shops and online stores
  • Promotion (magazine ads, interviews, reviews, newsletters, inclusion in an insert in every future GEP release)
  • Studio packages with a production and engineering overview
  • Help with artwork
  • Potential new and interesting packaging ideas
  • Social media inclusion
  • Online presence
  • Help with live and promotional videos

What we can promise you

  • Visibility – you'll get to see all the relevant paperwork and figures
  • Accountability – 6 monthly royalties and regular sales figures
  • Regular summaries of press releases, interviews, reviews etc…
  • Regular communication
  • The GEP brand - 200,000+ units shipped, established for 15 years, well known in the prog market
  • Reaching new audiences and different locations
  • Artist development



Interested in working with Giant Electric Pea?

Have a look at what we can do for you and if you think we have what you need drop us a line

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